Zwilling demos boost skills and sales

Epsom cookshop Cook in Thyme and Colchester department store Williams & Griffin are two of the most recent retailers to have benefited from in-store support from Zwilling.

Zwilling demos boost skills and sales

At Cook In Thyme, the company participated in a fun and interactive day with customers, demonstrating both chopping and knife sharpening techniques, and the shop gained publicity in its local newspaper – along with a picture of owner Diane O’Brien.

Zwilling also worked closely with Williams & Griffin, to support the launch of its cookery school competition, taking part in a late-night shopping event in response to an invitation from cookshop manager Dean Hawes.

Chopping and sharpening demonstrations created theatre around the competition promotion, and customers were able to see a full Zwilling offer, including specialist items such as the Zwilling smoker and Staub cocottes.

The store had not previously stocked the cocottes but they sold out within the first two weeks of the promotion. The store also sold out of the seven-piece Profection knife block set.

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