YouTubers star in new BBC show: The Customer Is Always Right

YouTube personalities including the faces behind LadBaby (3.1 million Facebook followers), Mark and Roxanne Hoyle (3 million Facebook followers), and Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer (1.3 million Facebook followers), will star in a new BBC daytime programme entitled ‘The Customer Is Always Right’.

The 15-part series, presented by Lucy Alexander, airs on BBC One from next week. Each episode will see three entrepreneurs come together to discover what a cast of returning customers think of their products.

The customers comprise the YouTubers alongside unknown groups of family and friends from across the country. They will test and give their feedback on what they like, dislike and think could be improved for each invention. Their thoughts will be revealed via video blogs, and will cover the products’ designs, practical use and selling prices.

The broadcaster said: ‘Customers will unbox and deliver their honest, funny and sometimes brutal assessments before scoring each product. And because the customer is always right, they will pick the winner.’ The entrepreneurs will watch their videos with Lucy, who will crown the winner.

In episode one, which airs on Monday (April 22) at 10.45am, customers will score a bed extender that claims to add six inches to any divan bed, a roll-up portable food and water bowl that allows users to feed pets on the go, and a back lotion applicator for applying fake tan, medication cream, suntan lotion, exfoliators and moisturisers.

In episode two on Tuesday (April 23) at 11am, the products on trial are the X-Trim: a wearable harness with resistance bands that can be used to do a range of exercises; The Dink: a portable hooking device for securing and storing valuables to keep them safely off the floor; and the Manta: a flexible hairbrush that moulds to the shape of the user’s palm. The design aims to create less tension on each strand, while massaging the scalp at the same time.

In episode three on Wednesday (April 24) at 11am, the customers will score a GPS cat tracking device, which is placed round a cat’s collar to allow the user to see where their cat goes day and night; sticky shoe pads – one which attaches to the foot, one to the shoe – that connect together to secure the foot inside shoe to stop slipping; and a bamboo ‘spork’ which is a reusable fork, spoon and knife.

Future episodes include a scented candle that melts into massage oil, and a range of healthy baking mixes for pancakes and pizza dough.


Presenter Lucy Alexander

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