You found WHAT in your washing machine?!

New research has discovered a large selection of strange and interesting items have been found in the bottom of washing machines and hidden within the filters.

A survey by appliance repair specialist has revealed that tissues are the number one shared experience by Brits, with 56% of respondents saying they have found pieces of the soft absorbent paper sprinkled on their wet clean clothes.

In contrast to the disappointment felt upon finding the confetti remains of tissues, the second most found item is cash.

Some 17% of survey participants said they had retrieved their jewellery in their washing machine, including several expensive wedding rings.

Other small items spotted in the machine’s depths include drill parts, lighters, a spoon, pens and pencils, Lego pieces and nail clippers.

In a rather unpleasant admission, 3% of Brits said they’d unearthed baby nappies. And 18% said dog or cat hair often collected at the end of a wash.

A total of 9% of respondents claimed to have put their electronics through a spin cycle, often not surviving the ordeal. These include mobile phones, a bluetooth headset and even an Xbox controller.

The strangest items noted include rashers of bacon, dummies, clothes hangers and a bowl.

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