Wimbledon effect kicks in for Waitrose

Murray mania, Glastonbury, and warmer weather helped Waitrose deliver ‘an excellent performance’ in the week to June 29.

Wimbledon effect kicks in for Waitrose

Sales (excluding fuel) for the upmarket grocery chain were up 12.3% to £120.51m. Glastonbury had a “huge impact,” according to Waitrose retail director Rob Collins.

Sales at Welcome Break shops were up 22% and this year’s festivalgoers were clearly taking pride in their appearance. Dry shampoo saw a 30% uplift in sales, and antibacterial hand wipes were up by a staggering 262%.

The Wimbledon effect really kicked in too. Strawberry sales were up by 56%, Champagne sales were up 26% and sales of Pimm’s increased by 90% compared to the same time last year.

After weeks of waiting for the opportunity to fire up the barbie, the arrival of the sunshine triggered sizzling barbecue meat sales, up 50%. Shoppers were also clearly making potato and pasta salads as Jersey Royals sales leapt up by 30% and fresh pasta sales increased by 30% too.

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