Wildlife World launches Hedgehog Haus

Wildlife product and habitat designer Wildlife World has introduced a Hedgehog Haus for wild hedgehogs.

According to the company, hedgehogs were recently voted the UK’s favourite species, even though the number of species has declined from an estimated 36 million in the 1950s to less than a million today.

Aiming to help to arrest this decline is Wildlife World’s newest habitat for hedgehogs, the Hedgehog Haus, which provides shelter and sanctuary from dangers in the garden.

Although the habitat can be used all year round, the Haus is ideal for the winter period as it offers a safe place for the species during the hibernation season.

Designed to replicate the shape of a hedgehog, the entrance door is made from FSC timber and painted brown to easily blend in with garden foliage. This forms a short predator defence tunnel which is small enough to deter access by most intruders.

Underneath the textured brushwood finish is a sturdy steel frame which is covered with a waterproof felt lining. Around the edges of the Haus is decorative rattan work. For extra security, the Haus can be pegged down using tent pegs or similar to stop any movement of the Haus by wildlife. Wildlife World recommends placing the Haus in a quiet part of the garden and to cover it with leaves and brushwood to make the hedgehogs feel at home.

The Haus is delivered in a hedgehog decorated gift box. Wildlife World also supplies a leading brand of hedgehog food to encourage hedgehogs to visit. The company has a strong commitment to wildlife species and the environment, testing all of its products in-house to ensure that they are sustainable and safe for wildlife to use.


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