Whitford provides more info on non-stick coatings site

A free-to-access website providing detailed product information on non-stick coatings for housewares products has just been updated.

Whitford provides more info on non-stick coatings site

The Product Knowledge Network (PKN) site, wwwproductknowledge.com, is operated by Whitford, manufacturer of the world’s largest line of fluoro-polymer coatings, which has added a wealth of new information.

Amongst topics covered are the new sol-gel, or ceramic, coatings, with the site providing answers to questions such as whether these are really ceramic, how they differ from traditional non-stick coatings and how their performance compares to PTFE coatings.

Another new section is Other Common Questions about Coatings, while Common Coating Problems offers solutions.

Whitford has also added a search field to the home page and there is a new blog section where important topics can be shared and discussed and which delivers latest industry news.

Meanwhile, the Product Knowledge Group on LinkedIn helps keep visitors up to date on happenings on the site.

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