Whitford launches improved ceramic non-stick

Whitford says that its new, improved line of “sol-gel” non-stick coatings offers better release, better stain resistance and improved gloss.

Whitford launches improved ceramic non-stick

The company launched its Fusion coating system in 2011 to provide advantages over other sol-gel – so-called ceramic – non-sticks, such as a more user-friendly chemistry that simplifies application.

As well as this, unlike other, conventional non-stick coatings, it is totally free of any PTFE and PFOA, two chemicals associated with non-stick’s manufacture and which have received negative publicity in recent years.

Fusion can also be taken to more extreme temperatures (455 deg C/850 deg F) than conventional non-sticks, and in addition it is waterborne and cures at a lower temperature, using less energy and saving money.

Now, Whitford has been working to improve the original version, and has done so in three ways.

The company says that sol-gel non-sticks have never offered the release of PTFE-based coatings, but that the new Fusion is getting close, with significantly better release than all other sol-gel non-sticks it has tested.

Secondly, sol-gel coatings tend to have good stain resistance, but new technology has taken Fusion’s ability to resist staining of all kinds even further.

Fusion’s improved technology also produces an extra-dense surface that not only improves stain resistance but also gives a higher gloss, giving Fusion-coated cookware a more eye-catching shine at point of sale.

Whitford says that Fusion also has total regulatory compliance.

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