Whirlpool introduces ‘new era in hob cooking’

Whirlpool has launched the SmartCook induction hob, which promises ‘a revolutionary assisted-cooking experience that makes creating dishes simple’.

This ‘ground-breaking’ appliance offers pre-programmed recipes, temperature sensors, and the flexibility to cook anywhere on the hob, the appliance brand says.

The SmartCook hob brings together 6th Sense technology with a modern design and, for the very first time, includes ‘built-in culinary expertise’ through an intuitive touch interface.

With 40 programmes and step-by-step recipe guidance, all the user needs to do is select the type of food they want to cook, and the preferred cooking method such as steam, grill or fry. SmartCook brings the pan to the correct temperature and advises the user on the right steps to follow, while maintaining the exact temperature.

In addition, the entire hob’s surface can be used for cooking. FlexiFull is a completely flexible induction surface suitable for large pans, or multiple pans of varying sizes and shapes. The induction hob automatically detects cookware that is placed anywhere on the hob, and targets the energy exactly where it is needed.

A recent research project by Whirlpool discovered that cooking trends in the UK are evolving to accommodate new experiences such as a wider range of gastronomic choices and healthier eating trends.

The study revealed that the UK’s multicultural nature, the culture of eating out and the popularity of celebrity chefs have all exposed consumers to a wide variety of different cuisines and ingredients that they want to replicate at home.

According to Whirlpool, this ‘has contributed to a cultural shift that sees the preparation of food in the UK as an arena for pleasure, and an opportunity for experimentation and discovery’. With this research in mind, company has developed technologies such as the SmartCook hob.

Senior brand manager Jennifer Spragg said: “With SmartCook, you can release your inner chef and create the food that you only dreamed of eating at home, easily: day in, day out.

Having a SmartCook induction hob in the kitchen is like getting help from an expert chef who perfectly anticipates your needs. With less need to watch the pots, and less guesswork, the consumer can focus on being even more ambitious, or simply relax more when cooking.”

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