Wham® Cook Bakeware

whamcookAutumn Fair will see the extensive Wham® Cook ranges of non-stick bakeware and enamelware showcased on stand 1A12 in hall 1. Please come by and visit and see all our new bakeware sets, presented in full colour gift boxes. Wham® Cook bakeware and enamelware is fully UK produced.

Our Non-Stick Wham® Cook bakeware range is 4 star double coated Teflon® Select coated allowing you to cook and clean with ease. It is coil coated to guarantee long lasting performance, oven safe to 230°C, and is dishwasher safe (excluding Springforms & Traditional Loaf Tins).

Our Wham® Cook Enamel products are Vitreous enamel, providing a versatile cooking solution for the everyday cook. Suitable for not just oven cooking, but also stovetops, barbecues and even cooking directly over a campfire, enamel is versatile, hardwearing and durable. It is fused at 835c, guaranteeing the product can withstand the extreme heats of stove top cooking and cooking over a naked flame.­

Please contact the helpful and experienced team at What More UK Limited for additional information by visiting our website at www.whamproducts.co.uk e-mail sales@whatmoreuk.com or call 01282 687030.

Find out more by visiting www.whatmoreuk.com


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