Wake up and smell the tea! says Swan

Showing at Exclusively Housewares was Swan’s 21st century version of its classic signature product – the all-new Swan electric automatic Teasmade.

Wake up and smell the tea! says Swan

Under the Goblin brand, the Teasmade first went into mass production in 1936, and by the late 1960s over 300,000 units were sold every year and around 2m households had one.

This latest incarnation of the Teasmade has been totally redesigned to ensure the experience is better than ever.

The product, with a new sleek and compact design, comprises a tea maker, illuminated LCD clock and alarm in one, along with an integral reading light. The kettle has a generous 600ml water capacity and rapid water boiling function, with alarm to signal when boiling has completed. Also included is a quality ceramic teapot.

Swan launched the Teasmade last October, breaking all sales forecasts, and says it is now set to add additional models aimed to appeal to an even wider market.

Retail price £64.99

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