Waitrose reveals top 10 food trends For 2014

Jonathan Moore , executive chef of upmarket supermarket chain Waitrose, has picked his top 10 food trends for this year.

Waitrose reveals top 10 food trends For 2014

Brazilian BBQ: All eyes with be on Brazil this summer as the World Cup kicks off. This means that food will be inspired by South America and will see the nation enjoy South American style BBQs, with marinades and whole joints of meat cooking slowly on open grills, plus seafood-based stews.

Ceviche: Serving fresh fish will be at the forefront of the South American home food revolution, withceviche becoming the new sushi. Quick and easy to prepare, this fresh and citrusy dish will be prepared in kitchens across the country this summer as the nation cheers on the home sides.

Gardener’s World:In 2014, we’re not going to know where the kitchen ends and the garden begins. From ‘pick your own’ pot-grown basil leaves on the table to edible flowers, our plates will become horticultural hubs for home-grown produce.

The Great Pastry Experiment: 2013 was the year of fusion in bakery, and savoury versions of our favourite sweet treats will be on the cards in 2014.

God Bless America: Burgers, waffles, pancakes… these Stateside classics are booming this side of the pond, and this year, they’ll have a luxury makeover. Think skyscraper burgers, gourmet waffles with sweet and savoury toppings, and fluffy, light pancakes served alongside brunch.

Part -Time Veggies: Meat Free Mondays are becoming more prevalent; even if it’s not intentional. We’re making vegetables the heroes of more and more meals. Scandinavian styles of preserving veg, with pickling juices and marinades, will ensure we don’t even notice the meat is missing.

(Regional) Variations on a Theme: No longer content with the umbrella terms of ‘Chinese’ or ‘Indian’, shoppers are drilling down into specific regional variations of cuisines, including Cantonese, Goan and Keralan.

Fusion: Think Chimichurri sauce on pasta, or a Japanesemiso glaze on a Sunday roast chicken. Unexpected ingredients create different yet familiar twists on classic dishes.

Make Your Own Cheese: It’s well documented that we’re a nation of bakers. This year, we’ve mastered bread as well as cakes, with sourdough starters and other fermenting techniques being employed at home. In 2014, we’ll be taking this one step further, with homemade cheese becoming the latest foodie technique to master.

The Ingredient is King: Food will be more fuss free-than ever. A beautiful cut of meat, or a perfect fillet of fish will carry dishes, with minimal additions. Choose wisely, paying attention to provenance, sourcing and ethical credentials to ensure the best flavour from your chosen protein.

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