Waitrose is rooting for risotto

Waitrose claims to be the first UK supermarket to introduce celeriac rice.

Available from today (Wednesday August 30), Waitrose Celeriac Rice (£1.75/300g) is raw celeriac, chopped into rice-sized pieces for use in home cooking.

Suitable as a base for a scratch-cooked risotto or simply microwaving to serve with a curry, this vegetable holds its own structurally, just like the grain.

Waitrose vegetable buyer Tom Moore said: “We know our customers love an alternative to traditional carbs, particularly when they’re made entirely of fresh vegetables or are a tad unusual.

“Celeriac rice adds a deliciously subtle nutty flavour to a dish and keeps its shape beautifully during cooking. We hope fans of the vegetable will love this new way of enjoying celeriac, which would be tricky and time-consuming to do at home.”


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