Waitrose becomes first UK supermarket to sell pullet eggs

This month, Waitrose & Partners will be the first UK supermarket to start selling pullet eggs.

The retailer describes pullet eggs as ‘smaller sized eggs are produced by ‘teenage’ hens – around 18 weeks old – which are some of the best quality eggs you can get for cooking.

‘These little eggs are used frequently by top chefs and fine dining restaurants thanks to their delicious flavour, colour and texture. Historically, pullet eggs have not been widely available as they fall outside of the size regulations set by supermarkets. Waitrose & Partners is proud to support farmers and reduce food waste by offering these eggs to customers for the first time.’

Zoe Simons, development chef at Waitrose & Partners, said: “Pullet eggs are a chef’s dream, especially when it comes to pastry. Thanks to their smaller nature they hold their shape a lot better, which makes them idea for poaching. The yolks have a wonderful deep colour and rich flavour, making them perfect for mayonnaise or pastry such as a lemon tart or crème brûlée.”

Clarence Court Pullet Eggs will be available at 79 Waitrose & Partners shops, priced at £1.99 for a pack of four.


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