Vogue stand makes best use of space

Licensed housewares manufacturer Vogue International is giving retailers the chance to make the most of limited space in store with a special new offer.

Vogue stand makes best use of space

Retailers can now purchase a new spinner stand for just £65 plus VAT, provided it is taken ready-filled from the recommended Vogue stock list.

Says Vogue’s Stephen Parkin: “Space is of a premium for every store, particularly those with small premises. This new stand is smart, and holds up to £1,400 of stock at suggested retail prices.

“The spinner takes up just 52sq cm of floor space, and we are hoping to talk to many of the smaller stores whose business we have always strongly valued, to enable them to take advantage of this special offer. We can supply the stand on orders of around £750.”

Among the Vogue products that the stand is designed for are the Glitter Dome, Dome pop-up bottle, plates, bowls and the Drawstring Tidy.

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