Vietnam kitchenware exports ‘will rise 10%’

Vietnam is expecting kitchenware exports to rise significantly this year as suppliers focus more on eco-friendly materials and pegging prices.

Vietnam kitchenware exports 'will rise 10%'

The Vietnam Sourcing Report: Kitchenware, from Global Sources, which profiles 33 Vietnamese exporting manufacturers, says that almost all are looking at sales growth in 2010, with half saying they expect an increase of over 10%.

The suppliers say they are investing more in research and development and using more environmentally-sound materials, while capping prices. Those manufacturers that do plan to raise quotes claim they will keep increases to within 5%.

The report includes descriptions, prices and packaging details for over 100 of the country’s best-selling kitchenware export products, including cookware, serving ware and accessories in metal, rattan, wood, bamboo, ceramic and plastic.

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