Vacu Vin collaborates with The Wine Show

International Innovation Company’s (IIC) lead brand Vacu Vin has announced the launch of ‘The Wine Show’ range of Vacu Vin powered wine accessories.

The company will unveil the new collection of products, which includes wine accessories gift sets, wine pumps, aerators, thermometers, corkscrews and champagne servers, at the Spring Fair next month.

Broadcast in 106 countries, ITV’s “The Wine Show’ is a guide to the world of wine that first aired last April and is currently being repeated. The next episode is on tomorrow (Friday) January 27 at 11.10pm.

Christian Dalton, UK country manager of Dutch Creative Brands (part of IIC), said: “The huge success of the first series, along with the announcement of a second series, made our decision on partnering with ‘the Wine Show’ brand an incredibly easy one.

“As avid viewers of the TV show ourselves, we’re delighted that we’ve been able to make this collaboration. Opening up and reaching an entirely new market of consumers that love their wine, and indeed their gadgets, is something that we’re incredibly excited about.

“With our own established track record of bringing innovative wine products to market, alongside ‘The Wine Show’s’ innovative approach to television, this is very much a natural fit between the two brands.”

Dutch Creative Brands chief executive officer Patrick Schneider added: “The growing appetite for wine accessory products that enables consumers to enhance their enjoyment of wine means that this partnership is an ideal match.

“We look forward to retailers having the opportunity to list products that we know will be in huge demand, particularly the gift sets at Christmas.”

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