Ultimate shapes up with Rosemary Conley

Ultimate Products used Spring Fair to launch its new Rosemary Conley range of healthy-eating kitchenware.

Ultimate shapes up with Rosemary Conley

These versatile kitchen appliances were designed by the diet and fitness expert in conjunction with Ultimate’s product developers to help consumers create nutritious meals in minimum time.

Amongst the new products is the Steam and Store, which allows the cooking of a variety of foods simultaneously in two translucent, dishwasher-safe containers – which can also be used for storage.

The Prepare and Serve slow cooker features a removable ceramic pot for cooking and keeping any leftovers in the fridge, while the large capacity electric wok has a non-stick surface and removable base.

Completing the line-up, the Nutri Scales feature a calorie calculator and also measure the amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates and cholesterol in food. The scales are programmed with 991 different foods and have a memory function so you can add several ingredients together.

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