UK’s most hated household chores revealed

A survey by WC specialist Geberit, which quizzed 1,000 homeowners on their household chore preferences, has revealed that the jobs loathe most are bathroom-based.

UK's most hated household chores revealed

While ironing and scrubbing the oven may be viewed as particularly arduous tasks, the study shows that the UK’s most hated household chore of all is cleaning the toilet.

For 34% of homeowners, it’s cleaning the inside of the toilet that really gets them riled, while a further 31% of respondents said cleaning around the back of the toilet was their most detested job.

Tasks such as cleaning the bathroom mirror and the basin proved unpopular for just 2%, with cleaning the bath being slightly more of a chore for around 8%. Ensuring the shower area is clean is something that 19% of homeowners dread doing, but it’s cleaning the toilet that is the number one most disliked household chore.

Geberit suggests that homeowners can help banish bathroom blues when it comes to keeping the toilet clean, by opting for wall-hung sanitaryware and a rimless WC.

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