Traditional kitchen designs are still the number one choice, says Mayfair Granite

Even in this technological age, there is one kitchen style that remains king, according to Mayfair Granite.

The kitchen worktop specialist explains: ‘Things move quickly in the kitchen design industry with new designers and products coming onto the market every day. But sleek and modern designs aren’t for everyone. In the last decade we’ve seen a big resurgence in traditional design – not just in the kitchen but across the whole home. Sleek and modern designs are now being swapped for traditional and natural décor as people look for quality products that will last for many years.’

The company notes that over the past 10 years, there’s been a revival in cooking and baking series on TV and online, as people look at eating more healthily. ‘Dedicated cooking websites now have a professional feel with a range of videos available to stream online when needed,’ it says. ‘This, together with more information in general concerning healthy eating and diet, means that more people are actually thinking about what they are eating and feeding their families, with more and more cooking from scratch.

‘This uptake in people cooking from scratch has also fuelled the popularity of classic kitchen appliances such as Aga range ovens and KitchenAid mixers, as people return to traditional cooking and baking methods.

‘With technology advancing at such a fast pace, no one knows what the future will bring for kitchen design and home interior design in general. But while we are already seeing an array of smart appliances including fridges, microwaves and washing machines making their way into consumer kitchens of all styles, we do know that the traditional kitchen design isn’t going away any time soon.’

Mayfair Granite claims the design combination of natural stone and timber cabinetry for traditional kitchens ‘tends to have more longevity than modern designs because they embrace the basic form and function needed in the home’.

Materials often used in traditional kitchen designs include granite, marble and limestone for worktops and flooring, while cabinets are generally made from solid timber instead of composite materials. Granite and marble are available in a range of different colours and timber cabinets can be stained or painted to match any kitchen theme.

Mayfair Granite ( specialises in granite worktops for kitchens, restaurants and bars.


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