Three cheers for Chore Tuesday

Did you notice a spike in laundry product sales just before Christmas? The reason could well have been down to Chore Tuesday.

According to research from global laundry cleaning brand ACE, 13 million Brits were set to wash their festive clothes on the day after Boxing Day, using enough water to fill 1,077 Olympic sized swimming pools 

December 27 was christened Chore Tuesday, ACE said, with the nation predicted to pile over 183,243 tonnes of clothing into their washing machines on this day alone.

ACE added that Brits were forecast to spend an average of two hours and 11 minutes washing clothes worn over the festive period – meaning Chore Tuesday resulted in a total of around 30 million hours of washing in one day, making it the busiest washing day of 2016.

December 27 was also the day for cleaning the house as well as clothes, with almost 16.5 million people putting this day aside to tidy up, following Christmas festivities and ahead of New Year’s celebrations.

Kevin Day, product development manager at Robinson Young, the UK’s sole distributor of ACE, says: “Our latest research gives us a real insight into the UK’s laundry plans at Christmas, which equates to a lot of washing!

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