Tefal teams up with Channel 4’s Radford family

Tefal has partnered with the Radford family – best known as the stars of Channel 4 documentary ‘20 Kids and Counting’, which aired in January.

Parents Sue and Noel Radford first let TV cameras in to chart life in their household – which is billed as one of the biggest in Britain – in 2012, when they had 16 kids.

Today mum of 20 Sue gets through four hours of ironing a week. With 17 of her children living at home, her laundry load includes school uniforms, 12 work uniforms for the family business, plus everyday clothes.

Seeing the challenge Sue faced, Tefal stepped in to provide her with a Pro Express Care GV9071 high pressure steam generator iron, which is designed to cut ironing time in half.

Sue said: “All mums know the feeling – ironing never ends! Whether it’s school uniforms, clothes for work or the constant supply of kids’ clothes, my ironing pile is always huge. I just wanted something that would still leave the clothes looking good but meant that I wasn’t chained to the ironing board.

“When I started using the Tefal Pro Express Care I was so happy to get through the creases so much quicker. It was very easy to use and the high pressure steam was just fantastic – no having to go over the same creases over and over again.

“It’s saved me about two hours a week, so I have more time to spend with Noel and the kids and do the things we love, like going to the cinema or the park. We love to be outdoors when we can, even though it makes for more washing and ironing!”


Sue Radford ironing with the Tefal Pro Express Care steam generator

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