Tefal launches digital media campaign for Thermo-Spot

Cookware brand Tefal is launching a major digital media campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of its Thermo-Spot technology.

Built into the non-stick coating of most Tefal cookware, Thermo-Spot features a heat indicator tells the user when the pan has reached the optimum temperature to seal in the flavour of food.

Before heating, the Thermo-Spot pattern is clearly visible. As the pan heats up, the colour begins to change. Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the Thermo-Spot pattern turns solid red.

Thermo-Spot is a patented Tefal technology that guarantees the correct cooking temperature every time but as Tefal’s housewares marketing manager Stefan Kaczmarczyk explains: “There are still a significant number of consumers who not understand Thermo-Spot’s functionality. They see it just as a ‘red dot’ without realising its true purpose. Our objective is to change that perception.”

For four weeks from Monday (April 16) to May 14, Tefal will be blasting out the message that ‘Themo-Spot guarantees good food’ on digital media via a mix of targeted ads, blogs and recipe-content videos.

The campaign will be supported with a consumer PR push and a full range of specially designed in-store point-of-sale material including display cards, catalogues, handle collars, header unit visuals and side fins.

For sales support material, contact Tefal on 01753 834900 or visit www.tefal.co.uk

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