Techie duo launch ‘world’s first cloud-based smart kettle’

Two technological entrepreneurs have joined forces to create what they describe as the world’s most useful smart kettle.

Developed in the UK, Appkettle is the brainchild of Robert Hill and Richard Hill, who met while studying engineering at Loughborough University in 2006.

Together they have designed ‘a ground-breaking functionality’ that enables Appkettle users to connect with their kettle ‘for the complete beverage making experience’.

The Appkettle is controlled through a free app, featuring touch temperature control, favourites, just-in-time scheduling, baby bottle mode, automatic brew timing and keep warm settings.

The app also includes sharing through social media, energy measurement and preference controls such as volume cup sizes and default temperatures.

The Appkettle technology is also billed as the world’s first cloud based kettle, meaning it can be used anywhere with a mobile Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G signal. Users can the control heating of Appkettle en route to work or home, to ensure it’s ready when they arrive.

Robert Hill and Richard HIll claim that Appkettle measures volume more accurately (~30ml), temperature more precisely (~1-3 ºC) and is one of the most efficient kettles available; conforming to energy related products directives until 2019.

Robert Hill, director of Appkettle Limited, said: “For consumers to truly embrace smart technology into appliances, it requires simplicity, ease of use, but most of all to be beneficial to users.

“Appkettle expands what a kettle can do beyond what has ever been possible. It remembers your favourite hot beverages, combines automatic brewing with perfect beverage temperature selection, and is conveniently ready whenever you need it. Its simple, reliable and secure App and base features combine to make it one of the most useful and versatile hot beverage makers created.

With the Appkettle cloud system developed, we are in the unique position of being able to include more smart home functionality into Appkettle after release. It will be very exciting to see Appkettle‘s future develop with consumer feedback.”

Appkettle is being developed with Amazon echo integration into early 2017. So ‘Alexa, Turn Appkettle on’ may soon become a reality for Appkettle users.

Find out more at; 0191 389 8916.

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