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Vegan food firm launches petition to get ‘BVQ’ added to dictionary

Vegan food company Fry Family Food Co. has launched a petition to get the term barveque (BVQ) added to the Oxford English Dictionary, as a plant-based alternative to a typical, and often meat-based, British BBQ. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word barbecue (BBQ) as a ‘meal or gathering at …

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Have your say on the Offensive Weapons Bill

Do you have relevant expertise and experience or a special interest in the Offensive Weapons Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament? If so, you can submit your views in writing to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee which is going to consider this Bill. A post at www.parliament.uk …

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Taylor’s Eye Witness boss calls for action to amend Offensive Weapons Bill

Taylor’s Eye Witness joint managing director Alastair Fisher has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid expressing his concerns about the proposed Offensive Weapons Bill. Introduced on June 20, the Bill proposes to ban the delivery of knives and corrosives bought online to residential addresses. At the time, Sajid Javid said: …

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