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62823 Design Automatic Bread Maker Advanced by GASTROBACK®

The 62823 DESIGN AUTOMATIC BREAD MAKER ADVANCED by GASTROBACK® delivers fresh, fragrant breads (even Gluten-free) and cakes without a great deal of fuss. The bread maker can also knead dough for pasta, pizza or bread rolls. In addition, the appliance can be used to produce refined jams, yoghurt and ice …

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Sold! The smells that will sell your home

For Brits looking to sell their houses, new research has revealed the smells which could make their properties more desirable to potential buyers. In a survey of 1,015 adults carried out by household appliances retailer AppliancesDirect.co.uk, 86% of respondents said the smell of a house could be the difference between …

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Argos shares kitchen gadget trends

Declaring ‘the great carb comeback’, Argos has revealed that demand for ‘carb-preparation’ gadgets is on the rise. The retailer reports that its sales of spiralizers have dropped 65% year-on-year, while sales of potato ricers and pasta makers have climbed by 20% and 10% respectively.  Argos has also seen online searches for …

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