Swan Brand gets Exclusively ready…

The time has come for Swan to pack their bags and head to Exclusively Housewares! The past twelve months have had the brand growing leaps and bounds to get on top of the housewares industry game. With the pandemic coming into place, Swan upped their game massively considering the circumstances and unpredictable changes we all faced.

Swan are always the first to explore new trends and face any challenges they get handed. If there’s something this brand love, it’s working hard and reaping the rewards. 2021 is the year the brand is predicted to excel incredibly, if 2020 is anything to go by, this year has high expectations for the British manufacturer.

“Our achievements from last year have not hit home yet as we’ve been so busy preparing upcoming products to impress the marketplaces with. We are very much ready and extremely looking forward to Exclusively Housewares this year!” – Rob Wileman, Managing Director at Swan Brand UK.

Togetherness trend meets The Retro Range…

The Retro Range is consistent with colour, style and charisma. Retro, originally named Vintage, was designed to both accentuate and celebrate the 50s. The range creates positive nostalgia for those who envy the days of dresses, suits and anything old-school.

Swan cleverly combined the old-fashioned style with today’s modern world and its current needs. Providing appliances and housewares that last a lifetime, just like the popular characteristics of the range. Swan acknowledged that people’s familiarity with the past will always remain the same, no matter how much fashions change.

“Already established and very successful, this colourful range recognises the vibrant side within all of us. Our two new colourways are bang on trend, once more showing that the Swan Retro range has the perfect ‘pop of colour’ for every kitchen fashionista!” – Veronica Davidson, Housewares Buyer at Swan Brand UK.

Swan’s retro designs complement a strong variety of décor themes and works to consistently keep layouts fresh. This brand doesn’t do things in halves as this year they’ve boasted the additional Lavender Purple and Mellow Yellow colours.

Fortunately, the brand’s upbeat Retro range intertwines perfectly with this year’s Togetherness trend: a trend full of colour, positivity and community well-being. Hopping up to the top quickly with its spring/summer vibes, it’s clear to see that Swan’s Retro range will feel more than at home at this year’s show.

The Togetherness trend reflects a light variety of joyful colours, which complements the Retro Range stunningly. This meet-cute moment has already struck success and resulted in awards from Exclusively.

Neo Luxe meets The Gatsby Range…

Swan’s Gatsby Range is fresh, sleek and charmingly confident. The range was designed with the roaring 20s heavily in mind. Its scantily-clad style works on many levels as it accentuates the idea of being able to live the dream in luxury at a reasonable cost. Gatsby holds classy connotations, featuring a matt diamond design complemented by bliss gold accents.

The 20s was the decade where people indulged in new styles and fashions. The range has indeed had a roaring start with audience interest and the brand cannot wait to see where the journey continues. The Black and White holds the range up to its luxurious idealism, but there’s a new trend in town waiting for a collaboration.

The upcoming Neo Luxe trend boasts all of the Gatsby Range’s existing traits; it’s bold, dark, romanticised, and brave. Neo Luxe embraces sophistication and holds onto earlier centuries while remaining consistent with high drama. The Gatsby Range falls hand in hand with this up and coming trend as they deliciously combine escapism, luxury and delight. A match made in heaven to say the least.

Introducing the Stealth Range…

The Stealth Range which was meticulously planned took the market by surprise with its elite, brand new energy. This range is Swan’s first-ever fitness inspired design, and Stealth has already taken the brand in leaps and bounds since its launch date in March 2021.

Swan have never looked back since creating Stealth, and here’s why. Stealth immediately resonated with its audiences because of its driven aesthetic, orientated by power and hard work appeal. Its attitude alone shows us a whole new side to Kitchen Appliances.

The Stealth Range was constructed and designed distinctly with the thought of go-getters in mind. Stealth has become more than a passion project for the company- it has shown a brand-new side of the British owned brand. The range’s sleek, stylish, matt, and black exterior has been executed to bring out that courageous charisma in the brand’s existing and potential community. The continuous aesthetic that separates Stealth from the rest is its dark, powerful and strong-willed persona.

OWN THE FEELING… The brand, ready to conquer Exclusively…

Swan has conquered an endless number of things over the last 90 years. Exclusively allows the brand to celebrate, glow, and do what they do best. The charities, influencers, consumers, retailers and overall Swan community hold their heads high in support of this wholeheartedly British brand and their journey to the top.

“The brand has strengthened incredibly over the last 12 months despite the uncertainty that we have all experienced. We are looking forward to Exclusively to show off our fabulous range of products.” – Paul Simpson, Sales Director at Swan Brand UK.

The Swan team have definitely put themselves on the map and they are definitely here to stay.

“We have never been more ready to think ahead and push ourselves with more incredible challenges. These inventive trends suit us down to a T and we’re ecstatic to make our mark at this year’s Exclusively!” – David Foulstone, Marketing Director at Swan Brand UK.

For more details, visit swan-brand.co.uk

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