Strongest week so far for Waitrose

Waitrose’s total sales excluding petrol were significantly higher for last week (to February 15) than last year, at 9.2%.

Strongest week so far for Waitrose

The grocery chain’s commercial director Mark Williamson said: “This is the strongest week so far – driven by a popular Valentine’s Meal Deal and sales of hot food, as many people opted to stay at home with comforting meals.

“Our range of classic British ready meals saw sales up 26% for the week, and pies up 27%. We also saw our sales of sausages increase by 16% as people looked for a warming meal in the poor winter weather.

He added: “With the Winter Olympics in Sochi grabbing our attention on the television, customers have also been seeking quick and easy meals to allow maximum time to enjoy watching events. Sales of our pizzas and Indian ready meals have each risen by 20%.

And customers were charmed by an innovative ready meal design from the Charlie Bigham’s range: a singing lasagne. Sales more than tripled as customers enjoyed the novelty meal.”

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