Stirio creates a stir on TV

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay got stirred up on BBC1’s The One Show last night when he used the new Stirio gadget from Unikia in Norway to mix a sauce.

Stirio creates a stir on TV

Unikia international sales manager Ian McMonagle said: “Chef Gordon Ramsey and the brilliant new Stirio from Unikia worked in perfect harmony on BBC1’s The One Show yesterday evening.

“They unfortunately did not use The Stirio to its full advantage: they used it to stir a sauce, which obviously it did well and prevented the sauce from burning, but it’s far more than just an automatic sauce stirrer. It’s very powerful and can stir thick saucy meals such as chili, stews, risottos, porridge. It can actually stir for around two hours unassisted and will prevent your food from burning.”

The Stirio has two stirring speeds and an adjustable axle and arms, so it will fit onto a wide variety of pots. It runs on rechargeable batteries, and comes with a charging station.

Ian McMonagle added that Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’ show wants to feature it this weekend. We believe it is going to be massive and ‘the next big thing’.”

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