Star billing for housewares on new Channel 4 series

A new Channel 4 show is putting housewares products in the spotlight.

The 30-part series, called ‘Buy It Now’, kicked off on Monday (April 16) and is airing weekdays at 5.30pm.

In each 30-minute episode, inventors of products – including housewares – are given the chance to pitch their wares to a live studio audience. Each inventor has only 90 seconds to get their interest – and retain it when the product’s price is revealed.

The potential shoppers then vote whether they’d ‘buy it now’, before the items are put before a panel of three major retailers.

In yesterday’s show (Tuesday April 17), JML ceo Ken Daly, Ideal World managing director Fran Busby and managing director Kristian Bromley were the judges.

The trio assessed the Easichef Heated Ice Cream Scoop and Butter Knife, the Fixeeze adhesive drill guides pack and the Boot Claw: a scraper to keep footwear clear of mud.

Kristian placed an order for 100 Easichefs and the product is now listed on the website. It is available to pre-order at £44.99, with stock expected on August 15.

The retailer bills Easichef as ‘the world’s first integrated instant heated ice cream scoop and heated butter knife combination’. The Easichef system comprises a heated butter knife and ice cream scoop with detachable heads, and a rechargeable handle and its own docking station.

Today’s episode features the Shake n Store, Poppy Suspenders and Formcard. Channel 4 said: ‘Sam from Bristol showcases his money-saving, food-saving solution; Ella from Essex has an eye-popping ‘revolution’ in ladies lingerie; and designer Peter demonstrates a multi-use product.’


The Easichef Heated Ice Cream Scoop and Butter Knife, as seen on Channel 4’s ‘Buy It Now’

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