Solution to candle theft?

An alternative solution to prevent candle theft will be widely available to retailers from September.

Solution to candle theft?

Theft of glass jar candles is reported by many retailers as a particular problem and losses can be as high as 30% of turnover, with thieves often stealing in bulk. Until now, retailers have gone to great lengths to deter theft, including removing the lid of the jar, reducing stock holdings and applying security tags.

But now a new company claims to offer an alternative solution. Jarloc is the brainchild of Jeremy Davies, managing director of retail security specialist GCS (GB).
Jarloc is a standalone, reusable security device specifically designed to protect glass jar candles from theft. It fits inside the top of the jar and locks into place, preventing access to the wick. The lid fits on top and the candle can be displayed as normal.

Jeremy Davies said: “The problem of protecting glass jar candles from theft has been very difficult to solve. The shape of the jar does not lend itself to the existing range of security tags available in the market. Significant investment in product development and a new approach to an old problem was needed, ensuring effective protection for all retailers, not just those equipped with security tagging systems. Jarloc provides retailers with the confidence to improve product availability to the consumer through increased shelf stock holding, leading to increased sales, while managing stock loss effectively.”

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