Simon Rimmer to front new C4 foodie show

Celebrity cook and restaurateur Simon Rimmer will present a new two-part TV series celebrating Britain’s best-loved food brands.

‘Britain’s Favourite Food’ will air on Friday March 23 at 8pm on Channel 4. According to the broadcaster, the show will ‘tell the stories of the iconic dishes that defined our meal times and changed the way we eat forever’.

Simon Rimmer will revisit the nation’s favourite foods of the past, from powdered dessert Angel Delight and Smash instant mashed potato, to Marks and Spencer’s Chicken Kiev, Lyons Maid ice cream, Ski yoghurt, Blue Nun wine and Babycham. Over the one-hour shows, he will examine ‘what was in them, how they were sold to us, and why we loved them’.

Simon said: “On the one hand it’s a really lovely nostalgic trip down memory lane – but then there’s also a lovely social history element to it as well. It was a joy to make. I loved it.”


Simon Rimmer with one of the Smash Martians: stars of a series of 1970s and early 1980s TV advertising campaigns for Smash instant mashed potato

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