Security fears and fussy forms are top online turnoffs

Worry over security is the factor most likely to cause shoppers to pull out of an online purchase – but that is closely followed by having to spend too long providing personal details.

Security fears and fussy forms are top online turnoffs

New research by Postcode Anywhere into what puts people off proceeding with an online purchase found that half the 1,000 respondents were discouraged by security concerns.

Website forms that take too long to complete were a no-no for 44% of those polled, while mandatory sign-up before checkout was the third-highest bugbear, with 38% of consumers saying it would make them abandon their purchase.

In equal fourth place with 31% were having to leave the payment process to work out the final price, and shoppers having second thoughts about the product.

Commenting on the results, Postcode Anywhere’s sales and marketing director Phil Rothwell said: “While a lot of emphasis is rightly placed on the design of ecommerce sites it’s interesting that getting the basics right is essential. Online buyers are more concerned about security and completing their transaction with a minimum amount of fuss.

“Based on feedback from our own customers, we’ve felt for some time that the second-highest sticking point – overly-long forms – is a huge irritant to consumers. Named by 44% of consumers as a major reason to prematurely cut out of checkout, it’s actually easy to fix: only ask for essential information.

“That anyone these days should be forced to ‘register for an account’ before placing an order simply beggars belief,” he went on. “Why not give them the option after the order has been placed?”

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