Scarlet Opus to talk trends at Exclusively Shows

Trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus will be returning to this year’s co-located London shows Exclusively Housewares and Exclusively Electrical, to provide insights into trends that it forecasts will influence the homeware sector over the next 18 months.

Scarlet Opus works with retailers, manufacturers, interior designers, architects and the world’s press to inform them about what will be in fashion for the world of interiors two to three years ahead, with the focus on colour, pattern, materials, textures, shape and consumer expectations.

The agency will present two trend talks at the Exclusively Shows, which take place on June 11 and June 12 at the Business Design Centre in Islington. The talks will be held at 10.30am each day in the Trend Hub, located in the Atrium above Exclusively Electrical.

Also located in the Trend Hub will be Scarlet Opus’ Trend Displays, which will incorporate exhibitors’ products that the agency thinks hit the spot with three trends that it predicts will be big news for the upcoming seasons. The Trends are Traveller (for Autumn/Winter 2018-2019), Fellowship (Spring/Summer 2020) and Satori (Spring/Summer 2020).

Scarlet Opus explained: ‘Followers of the Traveller trend will dare to look ahead with optimism to a calmer, more stable era. Establishing fairness is central to the trend’s agenda – and an era of transparency and clarity begins. The trend is focused on restoring balance, order and correctness. Will we revert to formal dining? Will we be buying British?

‘The Fellowship trend is all about the ‘Power of the Collective’: rising up together as a community of collaborators, with consideration for the planet, farmers, factory workers and materials used. It’s all about a global outlook, which instils hope that it must get better for all. And it’s very much about revolting against establishments, with their systems, protocols and procedures, and moving to a more relaxed comfortable environment, leading to a celebration of diversity that embraces newness from all corners of the world.

‘#Serenity is the basis of the Satori trend. It reflects on the ‘Art of Living’: a recognition and acceptance that cements our relationships with what is real rather than virtual. Consideration and compassion are given to the natural world… and veganism, biodegradability, cooking from scratch all come to the fore. [The message is] preserve you, and the planet, in order to maintain a balance and gain serenity.’

The Scarlet Opus team will be on hand to discuss the Trend Displays with buyers and visitors and will also conduct Trend Tours of the show, pointing out items recommended as on-trend. These products will be highlighted on exhibitors’ stands by a ‘Recommended Product Design On-Trend 2020’ badge. Tours can be booked here.

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