Samuel Groves New Non-Stick Pans – Pans for Life

Cooking has just become easier with the introduction of a British premium non-stick, to the Samuel Groves popular Stainless Steel Tri-Ply range.

Focused around the essential Fry Pan, Samuel Groves has also added non-stick chef pans, wok, and milk pan, others will follow.

The British2-layer non-stick, from top quality British manufacturer of professional nonstick, is applied to the pans in the UK. This superb PFOA Free nonstick is resistant to abrasion, it’s extraordinarily long-lasting and developed for heavy use of professional kitchens. It can be placed in the oven up to temperatures up to 200 deg C and comes with a 10- year guarantee.

When your 10 years of hassle-free cooking are up – do not throw the pan away as Samuel Groves also offer the unique Pan for life refurbishment service.

Samuel Groves offers the NEW “Pan for Life” refurbishment service, or should we say a touch “TLC” for your much-loved pan.  Why replace when you can refurb? It is like having your sole replaced on your favourite shoes.

The Samuel Groves “Pan for life service” offers to recoat of non-stick pans (as they do degrade with use and harsh chemicals, replacement of worn rivets and the finishing touch – pan polishing to return to close to its original condition.

The pans are refurbished at the Samuel Groves / U Group manufacturing facility in Birmingham. This service truly offers the consumer a pan for life. The refurbishment cost is likely to be about 33% of the cost of a new pan.

When you combine the best nonstick with the first-class Tri-ply pans you will have a pan that impresses.

These First-Class Samuel Groves Stainless-steel tri-ply pans are made in the UK in the heart of the industrial midlands.

Check out the magnificent substantial brushed stainless-steel exterior and interior, sandwiching the thermally efficient aluminum core with its superior heat conductivity, guaranteeing superb heat distribution for ease of cooking and consistent results. As well as being the best pans to cook on all hobs, including induction, these striking pans look stunning, are comfortable to use and hold, can be used in the oven, are easy to clean too, and will maintain their good looks for their lifetime.

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