Salad sales rocketing this summer

No longer relegated to side dish status, salads are taking centre stage on our summer tables, according to Sainsbury’s.

The grocery multiple said: “With the rise in recipes inviting us to fill salads with as much flavour and texture as possible, one thing is clear: we can’t get enough of salads.

“They’re a great way to combine lots of flavours in a fresh, simple and tasty meal. With so many possibilities for texture combinations, they’re the one-pot of the summer months.

The supermarket chain has seen year-on-year growth this summer compared to 2015 for mixed leaf (a mix of red multileaf, green multileaf, green batavia and radicchio), for which sales have soared 92%; watercress up 52%; bistro (a mix of lambs lettuce, beetroot, red chard and bulls blood chard) up 27%; sweet leaf mix (a combo of iceberg lettuce, carrot, romaine lettuce and white cabbage) up 20%; rocket up 20%  and spinach up 19%.

Sainsbury’s baby spinach is the best-selling salad bag. Sales of perennial favourite iceberg remain steady and it still has a place in the top 10 sellers.

But darker green options such as spinach, rocket and watercress are growing fastest, suggesting a broader consumer desire to embrace these nutrient-rich leaves.

This is against a backdrop of steady growth within the wider salad segment, which is up 7% year-on-year.

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