Royal Crown Derby’s Kevin Oakes to speak at ceramics symposium

The world’s first symposium on tableware will be held in the Japanese town of Arita on November 16-17.

The area in Saga Prefecture is known for producing Arita porcelain, one of the traditional handicrafts of Japan, which was first fired in the country 400 years ago.

The Arita Ceramics Symposium, which will take place at the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory in Arita, is organised by Episode 2 in close collaboration with the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory and The European Ceramic Work Centre, EKWC in the Netherlands.

The organiser said: ‘Price competition and changing lifestyles have altered the industrial landscape of tableware drastically. Few sectors have shown to be so volatile to crisis. The Arita Ceramics Symposium takes a multidisciplinary, innovative approach to the industry. Key manufacturers and distributors from Europe, the US and Japan, regional leaders and designers, as well as leisure and culture professionals will discuss the next step in for the tableware industry.

Speakers will include Royal Crown Derby chairman Kevin Oakes, Sèvres ceo Romane Sarfati, global trend forecaster and Science of the Time founder Prof Dr Carl Rohde and the Kyushu Ceramic Museum director Yukio Suzuta. They will discuss new perspectives in art and design, consumer culture, hospitality and technology.

Due to limited capacity, there is only room for a selected group of 20 foreign participants. Early bird tickets are available until August 1. Please click here for registration.

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