RF508 ‘SAFE D’ Knives Block Set with built in sharpener

The new ‘SAFE-D Series’ of rounded tip knives are designed to improve safety and lower the risk of injury from traditional pointed knives, whilst retaining the same sharp cutting blade you can expect from Rockingham Forge. Specially developed to promote safety in the kitchen with children in mind and those ‘on the move’!

The cutting edges are still very sharp but the tips are rounded off so there is less chance of causing accidental injury or harm.

The RF-508/6D ‘SAFE D’ Knives features a Deluxe, real wood knife block with a pull-through sharpener to keep knives sharp. It also features ergonomic black handles with classic riveted finish, which balance traditional aesthetic with modern technology.

This set includes an 8” Chef’s knife, 8” carving knife, 8” bread knife, 5” utility knife and a 3.5” paring knife.



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