Retailers welcome business law review

A promise by government to review almost 22,000 business regulations and to exempt small firms from new domestic laws for three years has been welcomed by retailers.

Retailers welcome business law review

“After years of consultations, government is finally prescribing the right medicine to help restore the health of small businesses and to enable them to grow naturally,” said BHF-BSSA communications director Mick Weedon.

“We’ve been consulting with government for many years on getting regulation right; it bears much more heavily on small business than large, so it is in itself anti-competitive.

“The hundreds of thousands of small businesses that exist across the country, independent shops in particular, can produce growth and jobs in a way that the fewer and less agile larger retailers cannot.

“Freeing them to concentrate on growing rather than form-filling is vital to the growth agenda that the government is pursuing and that the economy needs.”

BHF-BSSA applauds many of the new proposals, particularly the exemption from new domestic regulation for companies with fewer than 10 employees, the opportunity to review 22,000 regulations currently on the statute book and sunset clauses for all new regulations.

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