Retailers in greener products push

Retailers are taking a leading role in a ‘ground-breaking’ new collaboration to reduce the environmental impact of everyday products.

The Product Sustainability Forum, set up under the umbrella of Government waste reduction body WRAP, brings together more than 80 organisations – including retailers and suppliers – who will work together to cut the total environmental footprint of a wide range of consumer goods.

The Forum will measure products’ impact for the first time across a range of sustainability targets – carbon, water, use of raw materials, energy and waste – and identify how best to make them more environmentally friendly.

British Retail Consortium head of environment Bob Gordon said: “Retailers have made substantial progress in reducing the environmental impact of their businesses, addressing everything from how they heat their stores to the type of packaging goods are sold in.

“But the biggest prize is something retailers don’t have total control over – cutting the overall impact of the goods they sell.

“This new collaboration will help businesses find the best ways to manufacture, transport, store, display and dispose of a wide range of products so they have the smallest possible impact on the planet. It’s truly ground-breaking.”

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