Recipes high on Google’s 2011 top search list

Seeking out new recipes was a major activity in the UK this year according to Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist, which points up the biggest events and hottest trends based on the year’s internet searches.

Recipes high on Google's 2011 top search list

The report classifies the searches under various headings, such as films, celebrities, television programmes, travel destinations etc, and names the 10 most popular in each.

In the food and drink category, Asda comes first but is followed in second place by recipes. Next come Tesco, Sainsbury’s, pizza, chicken, chocolate, Dominos, Morrisons and Argos.

Food also features in the top 10 “What is” searches. Most searched-for in this list is AV (alternative vote), but it is followed by scampi, truffles, piles, 4d, cookies, copyright, zumba, icloud and probate.

The fastest-rising searches in 2011 were royal wedding, iPhone 5, Fifa 12, Groupon, iPad 2, Ryan Dunn, Adele, Minecraft, Rebecca Black and Ed Sheeran.

The top UK searches of the year were Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail, Ebay, Google, BBC, Amazon, Argos and Yahoo.

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