Ralph’s run raises cash for cancer

Members of the housewares industry have helped Pendeford Housewares’ managing director Ralph Humphries raise over £1,400 for charity.

Ralph's run raises cash for cancer

Via HousewaresLive.net, Humphries last year invited friends and colleagues to sponsor his run up the Wrekin, a 407m high hill in Shropshire. The total raised will now go towards building a new Lingen Davies Cancer Centre in Shrewsbury.

“I would like to thank all of the housewares industry for their support,” he told HousewaresLive.net: “Chris Lloyd (Charlie’s Stores), Geoff Hounslea, Pam Plant, Marcus Findlay to name just a few.

“If anyone else still wants to donate, you can on
www.justgiving.co.uk/ralph-humphries,” he added.

The picture shows Humphries with Pendeford company accountant Sue Kerry, son James and friend at the top of the Wrekin.

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