Rainy Day Trust: update on coronavirus and flooding support

Bryan Clover, ceo of industry charity the Rainy Day Trust (RDT), has issued the following statement:

“The last few months have brought some serious disruption to our industries. First the flooding brought by storms Ciara, Dennis and Elena, and now coronavirus.

“For the flooding we have been – and still are – able to help people that have been forced out of their homes by paying for temporary accommodation and emergency essentials. Calls have come in from across the country. Just because coronavirus has kicked off, it doesn’t mean that the flooding problem has magically gone away, despite the fact that the news is now ignoring it.

“Coronavirus is an incredibly fast-moving situation, but one that we are well placed to deal with from an operational perspective. RDT is set up for home working, and our caseworking partner Connect Assist has robust measures in place to keep applications moving.

“We are also working up a short application process for people to access cash quickly. Retirees, those on zero hours contracts, self-employed tradesmen or those have caring responsibilities are the ones that are going to be hardest hit.

“Self-isolation is all well and good, but if you can’t work, you can’t earn. So that’s where we can help. We can provide assistance across the range of services that we offer and we would encourage employers to get in touch as soon as they recognise a need to adjust working hours so that we can have a preventative effect rather than a curative one.

“HR managers and team leaders can let us take some of the strain. All it takes is a phone call or an e-mail.

“The flip side of the same coin is that our income is taking a battering with the cancellation of so many events. We do not have vast reserves to call on like the large national charities, so we need your help in any small way that you can, to give us the boost that we in turn need to help those around you. You can support us with straight donations, stock that we can sell on, or collections at work. The list is long and varied. Please get in touch if you can help at bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk

“But, as always, we are here to help. It’s why we exist. The stress and strain associated with the virus will be causing a lot of anxiety, so please encourage people to use our telephone counselling service; perfect for social isolation as it turns out!

“We know only too well that applying for help from a charity can be seen as stigmatizing but it isn’t. It’s short-term help to get you through a crisis or period of transition. If you or someone that you know needs help, please get in touch. It is all completely confidential. Remember, it’s a leg up, not a hand out.”

Rainy Day Trust: for beneficiaries or help call 0203 192 0486. For administration, call the office on 01527 872545

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