Rainy Day Trust says ‘thank you!’ to supporters

The Rainy Day Trust shares a message of thanks as the year comes to a close.

“Twenty twenty one has certainly been very different from what we expected in so many ways. After all of the change and uncertainty of 2020 brought about by the virus, we planned carefully for 2021, expecting a mirror image of the previous year. It proved to be very different. The year tipped most of our planning on its head.

“But what wasn’t different, was the amazing support that we received from both businesses and individuals, digging deep throughout the year. Last year we made a ‘loss’ of £115,000 eating deep into our reserves to ensure that we met the demand that increased steadily throughout the year. This year we were expecting another loss of around £95,000 due in part to uncertainty of how the economy would react to both the virus and the extended impact of Brexit. As we rapidly approach our year end on 31 Dec 21, it now looks like another loss, although much smaller than that feared at around £25,000. The Board of Trustees have taken the decision that we will not turn people away when they are in need. However, we cannot continue in this way indefinitely as our reserves are finite. We have stripped out every element of cost that we can in order to drive as much money as possible to where it is needed the most.

“There have been a number of outstandingly generous donations during 2021 from businesses up and down the country, without which, this year would look very different. Our CEO’s non-stop 84-mile hike in September raised over £10,000 with amazing support from Kellaway Building Supplies, Dexam Intl, Home Hardware and Dulux. SIG Roofing nominated us alongside CRUK as their nominated charity of the year and have so far raised over £20,000 for us. NBG LLP, one of our strongest supporters for many years, raised £20,000 at their summit in November and Stax Trade Centres topped the bill with a staggering donation of £35,000. Although our Christmas Appeal is still underway, we want to acknowledge the cracking £1,488 raised by Gorilla Glue UK with their Christmas Jumper Day on 10th December.

“These amazing donations sit alongside our amazing business partners that support us year in year out, and our new events such as the Mad March Million which was a huge success with Mannok Building Supplies raising over £3,500 on their own. You can register your team now ready for March 2022.

“What 2022 will look like is anyone’s guess, especially with the omicron variant becoming ever-more prevalent, but we do know that we will be here to look after people no matter what their problems. Fundraising is almost certainly going to be challenging once again as further uncertainty muddies the waters for people and businesses alike. As a small charity that doesn’t have to fund expensive London offices, we can make sure that every penny is used wisely and that helps us to deliver the help that so many people so desperately need. By working with us, you can ensure that your staff get the help that they need, no matter what. We can relieve the pressure on your HR staff and managers.

“But for 2021, we want to say an enormous ‘Thank You!!’ to everyone that has supported us throughout the year.”

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