Rainy Day Trust Providing Support in Pandemic

With half of the UK’s adult population vaccinated now, you’d think that all would be well?  While some sectors are doing well, others are still struggling, and people within the successful ones still have their own problems to contend with which is where we come in.

Health and wellbeing are top of the tree at the moment in terms of running a successful business. Our #MadMarchMillion event this month has people out walking 10,000 steps a day.  Fresh air and just being away from the dreaded screen makes one hell of a difference. 

My old charity, Turn2us published a survey this morning that shows some interesting stats, and highlights just how deep-rooted the problems of this rotten virus really are.  There are millions of people that work in the industries that we support, so have a read and do the calculations: a hell of a lot of these people quoted below work for you!

People have seen their finances affected in a variety of ways; including

  • one in five (19%) now struggling to pay bills
  • one in six (17%) struggling to afford food
  • one in seven (15%) struggling to afford their rent or mortgage payments.

The severity and depth of these financial worries have had a clear and profound effect on the nation’s mental wellbeing; 62% of us state that our mental health has been affected at least a little bit, and a third of us (33%) say it has had significant consequences.

The ways in which people’s mental health has been affected is extensive:

  • 28% of people have experienced anxiety as a result of the pandemic
  • 24% of people have experienced loss of sleep as a result of the pandemic
  • 19% of people have experienced depression as a result of the pandemic

(Source Turn2us – 24 Mar 21)

But what is really scary is that 1 in 4 won’t recover from the pandemic for another 12 months!

So, for someone affected by the stats above, that means that they aren’t as effective at work as they could be.  It means that they are more likely to be looking for a new job, simply because they think that ‘change’ might sort it all out – it won’t. That in turn means that you have to recruit to replace them and productivity falls.

Or …… you can engage with us, help them from the beginning, and save yourself a whole world of inconvenience in the longer term.  It doesn’t matter if you have an EAP in place, we can supplement that, giving you the edge. People tell us things that they wouldn’t dream of telling an EAP because they fear that it’ll find its way back to management.

Do something about it now! We can offer financial support, free telephone counselling, free legal advice, welfare benefits checks and a whole load more.  It all adds up to a happier workforce, and your CSR profile looks great too.


If you need us, we are here. If you don’t, we need you!  Help us to help others.

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