Rainy Day Trust: ‘Help us ride this storm’

Bryan Clover, ceo of the industry charity Rainy Day Trust, has issued a plea for help following coronovirus’ impact on the home improvement sector.

He said: “The last few weeks have witnessed scenes and changes that wouldn’t be out of place in a science fiction novel. The analogies and metaphors have been flowing freely, as have announcements from government about support available for businesses as things progress. Each week is becoming more bizarre than the last.

“The Rainy Day Trust has been at the centre of supporting vulnerable people in the home improvement industries for over 175 years and has the mechanisms in place to continue that vital work.

“Our mode of operation lends well itself to supporting people quickly and easily. We are experienced at providing immediate help, and adapting to rapidly changing conditions. We are your charity, supporting your people. The home improvement industry demonstrates time and again that it will pull together to look after its own. ‘Family’ is an often-used cliché, but we truly believe that it is accurate.

“The one thing that sets the Rainy Day Trust apart is that we are tapped into the whole charity sector. We know where to go looking for that specialist help that you may need if we aren’t able to help ourselves. Finding help can be a minefield that we can help you to navigate. Receiving government funding is one thing, but working alongside us to build a holistic partnership is something else altogether.

“The unprecedented changes brought about by coronavirus have had a huge financial impact on us, and we desperately need to ask you to help us ride this storm. Your generosity in the past has helped thousands of your colleagues, and we are asking for your support once again to help us meet this incredible challenge.

“Whether you choose to help us as a business or individually, you have my word that we won’t waste a penny. We have minimal staff and don’t have expensive London offices to fund. Your donation will go to the front line where it will have a direct and immediate impact on the families of those affected by the virus, be they self-isolating, self-employed or off sick.

“You can support us with a donation following the link below, by text or by donating stock that we can sell and use to raise money for our work. To donate by text send RAINY 5 to 70085 to donate £5. Remember that any donation that your business makes can be offset against corporation tax.

“Thank you for your past support and I hope that you will be able to help once again. Together we can make sure that when the virus has blown through, that we as an industry are best placed to grow once again.

“Please remember that we are the only charity dedicated to helping your people. No-one else can do that. But also, please get in touch if you need us. Charity is a two-way street after all.”


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