Portas advice role ‘must not lead to bias’

A government bid to rescue beleaguered high streets must not single out one type of retailer for more support than another.

Portas advice role 'must not lead to bias'

So said the British Retail Consortium after the news broke that television retail guru Mary Portas is to advise government on helping ailing high street stores.

Portas, who has become known as Queen of Shops, has suggested that Tesco should be made to give something back to traditional retail communities hit by the supermarket.

But the BRC said “the emphasis needs to be on support for all rather than penalising success”.

Director general Stephen Robertson commented: “High streets are the heart of local communities and economies, providing jobs and essential services, but some are in trouble.

“The government is right to recognise the future of our high streets cannot be left to chance but it must take a positive approach that supports retailers of all types and sizes.

“Independents are a vital part of an attractive retail mix, but so are the big names. Ultimately it’s customers who have the power in retailing through the shopping choices they make. This review should not seek to restrict that choice by making life harder for any particular category of retailers.”

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