Pineapple trumps avocado in UK’s fastest growing fruit sales stakes

Pineapples have become Britain’s fastest growing fruit with demand at an all-time high, according to Tesco.

In the last year, sales of whole pineapples have soared by nearly 15% at the grocery multiple, while sales of pineapple juice have risen by more than 20%. Hawaiian pizzas are up by more than 15%, snacking pineapple fingers are up by 30% and tinned pineapple chunks are up by 5%.

Tesco fresh pineapple buyer Morgan Jaquemet said: “Pineapples have become the fruit taste of the moment and could soon rival the avocado as a once niche fruit suddenly gaining mainstream popularity.

“In the last few years we’ve seen demand jump because of the fruit’s rising popularity as a versatile and healthy food. It’s made its way onto the barbecue in the summer months, and last autumn we even sold pineapples at Halloween as a rival to the pumpkin for kids to carve into t create a scary face.”

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