Personal scales market puts on weight

The personal scales market is enjoying growth in both value and volume, according to the latest figures from GfK Retail and Technology.

Personal scales market puts on weight

It is currently worth £21.3m, with 1.5m units, which represents growth of 3.6% and 3.4% respectively over the year ending April 2010.

Mechanical scales now make up 36% of the sector by volume, with electronic personal scales taking the remaining 64%. GfK says the electronic products’ popularity is down to the increasing availability of features they offer that allow the user to measure body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc.

Even more advanced innovations, such as being able to connect a USB stick to a PC in order to chart progress, make these products still more attractive to the end user.

The step up from last year has mainly been driven by the supermarkets, says GfK, which are benefiting most from consumers’ increasing image and health consciousness. Offering wider price points has also helped stimulate consumer demand: on average prices have dropped by 0.3%, a fall driven mainly by electronic scales, which are down in price by 3.3% compared to the same period last year.

GfK says that growth in the personal scales market is likely to continue now that we are entering the summer season.

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