Pancake pans on test for Shrove Tuesday

With Shrove Tuesday round the corner on March 4, eight pans for flipping pancakes were put through their paces in yesterday’s Daily Mail (March 1).

A top mark of 10 out of 10 was given to the Andrew James crepe maker (£36.49). Described as ‘best value’, this 13in hotplate boasts ‘an impressive list of extras’: a wooden spatula for turning the pancakes, a batter spreader, an oil brush, a ladle and an instruction manual. The verdict of tester Amanda Cable was: ‘The perfect start-up kit for a novice like me.’

Two products tied for second place with marks of eight out of 10 respectively: the Severin crepe maker (£32.99) and the Cuisinart Griddle and Grill (£100).

The Severin product was praised for being ‘best for technophobes’. This machine features a dinner-sized plate on top (to create a 11.5in pancake) and a temperature gauge from one to six. It comes with a T-shaped tool to swirl out the batter evenly, and a spatula. You switch on the machine, wait for the green light to tell you that it has reached the right temperature (after four minutes), and then pour the batter on to the hotplate.

Cuisinart’s Griddle and Grill was hailed as ‘best for choice’. Praised for being the only machine with a heated, pull-down lid, it is described as a ‘trendy café-style silver grill and griddle which looks like a sandwich maker’. There is a temperature control, and the machine takes four minutes to heat up, while ‘incredible versatility’ means ‘you flip the easy-clean hotplate over to reveal a grill on the other side – making this a multi-tasking wonder’. Pancake size is 5in.

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