One in five Brits leave essential items on the shelf in Christmas rush

New research commissioned by Tesco reveals almost a third of Brits (30%) are struggling to juggle day-to-day responsibilities with the preparations for Christmas, resulting in one in five (20%) forgetting an essential item for the big day.

Batteries (32%), cranberry sauce (29%) and Christmas presents (22%) top the list of forgotten items, while nearly one in 10 Brits (7%) even forget to pick up the turkey. The top 10 items Brits are most likely to forget in the rush before Christmas are:

1.Batteries (32%)

2.Cranberry sauce (29%)

3.Christmas presents (22%)

4.Sellotape (18%)

5.Christmas crackers (13%)

6.Clingfilm (12%)

=7.Gravy (9%)

=7, Sprouts (9%)

=7.Gift tags (9%)

=7.Bread sauce (9%)

The supermarket chain is giving away three of the top 10 most commonly forgotten items – cranberry sauce, clingfilm and gravy – outside Glasgow Central, Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street and select London tube stations.

Simon Brady, Brand Director at Tesco, said: “We all know what a busy time of year Christmas can be, so it’s no surprise that a quarter of us leave the big Christmas food shop to the last minute and forget one or two items as a result.

“This festive season, we want to help make Christmas as easy and enjoyable as possible for our customers so we hope our ‘most forgotten’ list will help jog a few memories and ensure customers have got everything ready in time for the perfect Christmas.”

The study also reveals the measures taken to avoid disappointment at Christmas, with over half (55%) writing shopping list, followed by writing reminders in a diary (16%), electronic reminders in a phone or on email (16%) and telling a partner to remind them (15%). However, a quarter of us (25%) take no precautions at all.

Tesco commissioned OnePoll to carry out the survey research October 21.A total of 2,000 UK adults that celebrate Christmas were polled.

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